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    HYPERNOVA Escape from Hadea Preview Gameplay Trailer


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    HYPERNOVA Escape from Hadea Preview Gameplay Trailer

    Post  Arter on 27/9/2017, 9:54 am

    Players assume the role of the Scynthians who must colonise and mine Hadea’s moon, Haya, in a bid to escape the death of their star (a Hypernova). 

    The Scynthians fly to Hadea's moon - Haya - in a desperate mission to start a colony that will build an interstellar teleportation device and then use it to escape the cataclysmic death of their star. 

    You, as the mission commander, will oversee this colony: you will look for resources, construct buildings, research technology, and defend against the various strange and nasty creatures on Haya until the last Scynthian gets evacuated to safety.

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